What is X10?


X10 is a standard used for communication between devices, commonly used in home automation. Radio or Household eletrical wiring is used to send digital signals between x10 devices. Each signal transmitted contains a House unit (4 bit) transmission and a 4 bit unit selection.

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Powerline Protocol

In a 60hz AC Powerflow a biniary digit of 1 is represented by bursting a 120kHz signal at the zero crossing point, followed by a complete drop off. A biniary digit of 0 is done by the opposite method, an absence of a 120kHz signal followed by a pulse. Each message is sent twice, as a method of error correction. Data rate of x10 is extremely slow, this is why it is limited to turning things on or turning things off. Since it is transmittied like an actual frame, it starts with a beginning code of pulse + pulse + pulse + no_pulse (1110).

Radio Protocol

In the US, X10 devices operate at 310Mhz, the packets much like the powerline protocol packets are typically broadcast and then rebroadcast along the power lines to the controlling device.


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