Chimney Removal

Besides sweating my own bodyweight the removal of the chimney was pretty straight forward. Just required a lot of brute force.
Helpers: Josh and His Dad.

Josh standing by the Chimney before the demo.

First layer of bricks removed. Behind the bricks is a brick chimney insert and then inside of that a metal duct.

A view from inside the attic. Swinging a sledgehammer during the heat of the day is not fun in the attic. Don't make a wrong step or you'll land in the living room.

After taking the chimney down from the attic we need to attic it from the mainfloor. The cleanest way was to remove the back wall of the closet.

Yum. Lathe and Plaster.

The chimney awaits.

The Chimney removed.

A view from where the Chimney was and up into the attic.